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Signs of the Past – Las Vegas, Nevada – Zine

I’m fairly certain I was born about 50 years too late. Almost everything I really like – photography, music, styles/fashion, architecture, automobiles, records, film cameras, etc… generally tends to come from the 1950s, ‘60s. So it’s not surprising that the old motel signs from downtown Las Vegas tend to attract my attention much more than…

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Portrait Shoots Using Both Film and Digital

This is not a debate on film vs digital. I shoot both and am happy with the results from both. They are two different mediums and I appreciate the different characteristics I get from each one. I’ve only been shooting film for the past couple of years. I’ve spent most of that time doing a…

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True Talent Always Shines Through

Please Note: I am not the photographer that shot the above image. I’ve reached out to get the name of the photographer to give proper photo credit. At a time when there are so many new artists and performers out there, sometimes it’s a little hard to know if it’s the artist or the production…

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Emulsion – December 2017

I hope you all happily made it through the end of 2017. This was kind of a quiet month for my personal photography so, much like November, I didn’t get out to shoot that much film. To be honest, the month was busy and even on the days I did get out to shoot, I…

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